Time Restrictive Eating and Its Many Health Benefits

Fasting is extremely beneficial for the body. This however is quite opposite to what many people in western culture think.

It is an extremely old practice that has been forgotten by modern medicine. Fasting allows the body to detoxify recover and heal itself. This normally occurs during sleep however, with many people eating from the moment they get up to right before they go to bed, they do not give their body time to reach this fasting state.

There are many different types of fasting but the same underlying physiological function is what causes the benefit. When in a fasted state the parts of the body normally used for digestion are able to detoxify the body and heal parts of the body that need it. When fasting the body uses anything that is not essential for life as an energy source. This includes unwanted bacteria, viruses, buildups around the joints,  and stored fat.

The idea is that if your body is restricted on energy it is going to take it from excess reserves. These reserves tend to be the deepest parts of you, often causing illness or pain, and are only used as energy sources once your food reserves are taken up.

Many of these benefits become more apparent with multiple day fasts but an easy practice to begin this healing practice is with a type intermittent fasting called time-restrictive eating. The general Idea is to consume all of your meals within a 10 hour period leaving a 14 hour fast every day. You want to aim to eat your meals later in the day in accordance with your circadian rhythm, or biological clock that responds mainly to light and darkness, but is also strongly reactant to your food intake and metabolism. Studies have been shown that even practicing time-restrictive eating 5 days a week, leaving a 2 day buffer on the weekend, can still hold many of the benefits.

Some health benefits include: Lower levels of inflammation, enhanced detoxification, improved heart health, better recovery from workouts, lower risk of cancer, lower risk for developing diabetes, less harmful effects from aging, better control of appetite and fat loss.

The reason I like this fast so much is because it is highly applicable to most people. The best way to start is to make sure you get all your food (anything besides 0 calorie beverages) in within a 10 hour period. If you eat your first meal at 12pm your last meal should be done by 8 or 9PM.

The first couple days might be a little bit uncomfortable but I promise you will survive. When we eat is equally as important as what we eat. Time-Restrictive eating is extremely beneficial, so start tomorrow and try and out!

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